Advantages for Agents

Virtual tours of houses is the newest technology available to the estate agent online market. It allows buyers an accurate insight into the interior and exterior of properties for sale, which has many advantages for estate agents.

Firstly, 360 virtual tours are the best technology available for giving potential buyers an excellent insight into a property, without having the view it in person. This means that you as an agent will not waste time on viewings of houses which are inappropriate for the buyer but looked perfect on still photographs. Offering 360 virtual tours also reassures buyers that your agency is modern and offers the best service which may result in repeat business.

The fact that buyers are able to see the interior and exterior of a home and navigate it as if they were actually standing in it can result in quicker sales with less time wasted on viewings. This is because virtual tours give a better idea of layout and size; people find it hard to visualise the actual practical size of rooms from a floor plan alone and still pictures can be very deceiving.

Ultimately, 360 virtual tours makes the role of estate agents easier as buyers can view a range of properties online, walk through them virtually and get a real sense of the intricacies of the home without you having an input. This means that when buyers approach you with a house they wish to view, there is a better chance of them buying it; minimum effort but maximum output for estate agents.