Advantages for Buyers

The vast majority of property searches begin online as it is quick and convenient for most buyers to search in this way. Most online estate agents offer a full description, floor plan and still photographs of the main areas in the home and buyers can book viewings based upon these factors. However, technology is advancing and now 360 tours of houses are available.

360 house tours are advantageous for buyers for many reasons, the main one being that they give a reliable insight into the size and layout of the house. Traditional property photography can be very misleading, often making the rooms look larger than they actually are, resulting in viewings being disappointing. However, 360 virtual tours give the buyer an accurate overview of the rooms and exterior of the house as it is an interactive service which places the viewer in the room with the capacity to look around.

Users are able to walk through and navigate the property, which means that you can get a true feel for the layout and size of rooms; this is superior to a simple floor plan. Also, whilst you are going through a virtual tour you will not have an estate agent with you, meaning that you can feel free to analyse the property without an agent potentially making you feel uncomfortable if you do not like the property.

Another advantage to virtual tours of houses is that you can look at lots of houses in detail online and compare them from the comfort of your own home. This will save time and effort when booking physical viewings of your favourite residences as you will not waste time on visiting unsuitable properties.