Estate Agent Photography

Estate agents traditionally use still photographs as one of the main methods of advertising properties for sale. However, as technology is advancing, this method is becoming more and more out of date as the main way of advertising, and 360 virtual tours of houses are taking their place.

In comparison to newer technologies, still photographs, regardless of quality, do not give the buyer a true reflection of the property they are looking at. This is because they show the room or exterior from one angle in one shot; potential buyers therefore cannot look behind the camera or at the room from a different view point. This can allow estate agent photographers to cut out parts of the rooms if required e.g. if there was damage to one part of the room.

Also, still photographs can make the rooms in the property look a different size than they actually are; sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. This is not fair on the potential buyer as if they are smaller they may not be adequate for their requirements, but if they are larger than pictured this is not fair on the seller who may not get much interest due to the perceived small size of the rooms or exterior.

There can be no doubt that the photographers used in estate agent photography are very talented and ensure that they capture images which present properties in their best light. However, in order to do this, lots of equipment is required such as lighting. Therefore, to set up and take photographs is a large and time consuming task, particularly when moving to different locations around the property.

Also, still photographs do not give an idea of the layout of the house, an aspect which is generally important to buyers. A floor plan is not enough for most people to make their decision on in an educated way. Prior to 360 tours, buyers would have to physically view the property to get an idea of room layout and how to navigate it, but now this is not the case. 360 virtual tours allow buyers to walk around their potential new property so that they understand the layout and a true reflection of room size.